5 million?If the allegations are true and Jerry Seinfeld really

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replica bags buy online “At a meeting on July 30, replica bags in london 2011, at the Princess Diner in Southampton, New York, Seinfeld expressed to Charles that Seinfeld’s representatives George Shapiro and Howard West (“Shapiro West”) were pressuring Seinfeld to come up with a new television show and/or stream of revenue after the negative reception and cancellation of Seinfeld’s television show ‘The Marriage Ref.’ “Could Jerry Seinfeld really need money? Jerry Seinfeld, who made a reported $220 million when his eponymous ’90s sitcom went into syndication? Who, according to Forbes list of 2018 Celebrity 100 Earnings, has a net worth of $57.5 million?If the allegations are true and Jerry Seinfeld really did need another “stream of revenue” how fast could he be burning through cash?The phenomenon of celebrities going broke is nothing new. From Burt Reynolds to Debbie Reynolds, Elvis to Michael Jackson, Nicolas Cage to Wesley Snipes, Mike Tyson to 50 Cent all blew through astronomical sums of money.In fact, 50 Cent spent years trying to off load his Connecticut estate previously owned by Tyson. Turns out that unless you’ve found a cult leader with a high profit margin, there’s not really a market for a 50,000 square foot house with 52 rooms, 19 bedrooms, a casino, a nightclub, stripper poles, an indoor pool, a recording studio and 17 acres of land to tend.In 2017, the rapper filed for bankruptcy after a judge ordered him to pay $7 million to a woman whose sex tape he posted online replica bags buy online.

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