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“We know there are mistakes. We know there are changes we need, yet we want to vote on them. I just think that’s crazy.”. Now that this image is firmly in mind, let’s tweak it. Give our blonde a few years in a Swiss finishing school, a lusty appetite for lobster at midnight, and a laugh a little too loud for her patrician mother, and you have Guerlain Vega. Substitute wine coolers for the champagne, a facility for Pig Latin rather than French, and an addiction to patent leather heels from Payless, and you have Etat Libre d’Orange Vraie Blonde.

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99127 2013

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Fake Handbags Raymond Zale, 60, his brother Ronald Zale, 58, both of Stratford and Raymond’s son Sean Zale, 32, of Winslow Township were charged Friday with theft by deception, the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office announced.The suspects own and operate other funeral homes, and since the 1980s, haave had a business arrangement with the owner of McChesney Funeral Home in Moorestown to run that one too.Raymond and Ronald Zale were responsible for overseeing the operation of the funeral home and Sean Zale assisted with various tasks, such as driving, the prosecutor’s office said.An investigation found that from 2008 through 2016, of about $2.35 million in payment that should have gone to McChesney, only a little over $1 million was paid just keeping the business afloat.And $1,315,894 went to the Zales.Meanwhile, the McChesney Funeral Home paid the Zales $775,518 for their services and expenses during that same period, the prosecutor’s office said.Also, money from two customers who pre paid for funerals at McChesney was deposited by Raymond Zale into his business and personal accounts. New Jersey laws for funeral homes require that money to be deposited into an interest bearing account on behalf of the customer.Questions about the management of McChesney Funeral Home arose in 2016 when it ceased operation, the prosecutor’s office said.The Zale family also owns and operates Eugene Zale Funeral Home in Stratford, Eichel Funeral Home in Pennsauken and Middleton Zale Funeral Home in Somers Point.Ronald and Sean Zale were processed and released by the Moorestown Township Police Department on Friday. Raymond Zale was unable to be processed https://www.designerreplicabags.com because of a medical condition Fake Handbags.

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