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What Do You Think You Need to Know Before Hiring An Estate Surveyor and Valuer?

  • 3 years ago
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Who Is An Estate Surveyor and Valuer

I will outline just four major things you really need to know before hiring an estate surveyor and valuer and also who we are in TOYIN ILORI CONSULTING ESTATE SURVEYOR AND VALUER.

TOYIN ILORI is a professional valuer who is trained beyond the basics of estate management and has acquired multi-disciplinary knowledge about all the major branches of construction in their entirety for the sole purpose of evaluating landed properties in the interest of the client and the society.

What you need to know before hiring an estate surveyor and valuer:

  1. DO they have the Market Credibility: while it is feasible to sell your property by placing a notice in front of it or by informing neighbours, consulting an Estate Surveyor and Valuer like Toyin Ilori Consulting Estate Surveyor and Valuers, will ensure that you get the necessary institutional assistance and also attract serious buyers in as little as no time.
  2. Are they professional Negotiators: Being a good negotiator on mundane sales and purchases doesn’t necessarily qualify you to be a good landed property negotiator especially when you have little or no idea about how the market forces work in the real estate industry. Your best shot at maximizing profit will be by contacting an Estate Surveyor and Valuer.
  3. Saves you from the stress of paperwork filing and the bureaucratic process involved: Change of ownership of any properties usually involves an agreement between the buyer and the seller. As a result, there are so many documents that must be filed before the transfer of ownership is completed. Not only do Estate Surveyors and Valuers know this, but they also know how to complete this process as quickly as possible without making recurrent mistakes common to a novice.
  4. Offer professional advice: Due to insufficient information, sellers sometimes think the disposal of a property is the fastest way to acquire funds in a dire situation. On the contrary, contacting an experienced Estate Surveyor and Valuer like Toyin Ilori Consulting Estate Surveyor and Valuers. will expose you to other funds generation tips that will most likely not involve the disposal of your property.

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