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Welcome to The Drum’s US Creative Works, supported by Workfront. Dedicated to showing the best creative work in North and South America, we give our readers the chance to decide which work features as our ‘Creative Work of the Week’.Scroll through the latest work, then click through to the Creative Works site and see what stands out. For project information, creative credits and more, click on the project to expand to full screen and click on the stars to vote.To submit work for our US Creative Works section, fill out this online form.The winner will be chosen based on the average rating and the number of votes cast. Voting closes on Wednesday, June 5. Levi Strauss & Co: 501 Day by AKQA Added 23 May 2018 Agency: AKQA Overall Rating 5/5 Vote Huggies Pull-Ups: Calling All Big Kids by Nylon Studios & Ogilvy & Mather Chicago Added 23 May 2018 Agencies: Nylon Studios, Ogilvy & Mather Chicago Overall Rating 5/5 Vote Tracking Systems de Mexico: StreetGuard by Ogilvy Mexico Added 25 May 2018 Agency: Ogilvy Mexico Overall Rating 5/5 Vote Dermodex: The Unphotographed Album by BETC Sao Paulo Added 29 May 2018 Agency: BETC Sao Paulo Overall Rating 5/5 Vote Forbes Magazine: Forbes Women II by Ogilvy Brazil Added 29 May 2018 Agency: Ogilvy Brazil Overall Rating 5/5 Vote Mitsubishi Motors : Freestyle Test Drive by Butler, Shine & Stern & Partners (BSSP) Added 29 May 2018 Agency: Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners (BSSP) Overall Rating 5/5 Vote IKEA: Swedish HIP HÖP by CP+B Added 25 May 2018 Agency: CP+B Overall Rating 4/5 Vote Red Nose Day: Go Nose to Nose Added 24 May 2018 Overall Rating 3/5 Vote Audubon Society of Rhode Island: Birds Are Cool by Looney Advertising Added 23 May 2018 Agency: Looney Advertising Overall Rating 5/5 Vote Boston Celtics: Whole New Game by Sleek Machine Added 23 May 2018 Agency: Sleek Machine Overall Rating 5/5 Vote Powerade: That's Some Kind of Power Movie by Wieden+Kennedy Added 30 May 2018 Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Overall Rating 4/5 Vote Destinos: Fly Like a President by McCann San Jose Added 30 May 2018 Agency: McCann San Jose Overall Rating 5/5 Vote Symphony of Violence by Unlockers Added 30 May 2018 Agency: Unlockers Overall Rating 2/5 Vote Lexus: Lexus Plus by Team One Added 30 May 2018 Agency: Team One Overall Rating 5/5 Vote Trane: Relentless Testing by Young & Laramore Added 30 May 2018 Agency: Young & Laramore Overall Rating 5/5 Vote This article is about: North America, US Creative Works prada , Creative Works, Creative , Advertising, Agency

US Creative Works: featuring AKQA, BETC Sao Paulo, BSSP and more

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