Gameplay wise, I’m getting Dynasty Warriors vibes from Arthur,

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canadian goose jacket Strange, though I do think his in game personality expression will make him interesting in a roguish, tricky and unpredictable way. Although his appearance leaves much to be desired I admit I am at a loss on how exactly I would want him to look, though a bit more on the age side would indeed improve him.Gameplay wise, I’m getting Dynasty Warriors vibes from Arthur, especially that aerial combo part which reminds me of Xiahou Dun’s two handed dao attacks. Which is great because DW is one of my favorite game series. canadian goose jacket

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buy canada goose jacket But a lot of this just comes with applying that knowledge in ranked matches and you just have to play more for that.Also having people you consistently play with together that also want to improve and grind ranked but also have fun is very helpful. Try to make some friends in matches!Edit: removed an extra. And fixed spellingZaydax 2 points submitted 4 months agoRemember the advice of Mozz buy canada goose jacket.

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