How to Make Your Next Move Easier For Your Kids

How to Make Your Next Move Easier For Your Kids

How to Make Your Next Move Easier For Your Kids

Moving is not only stressful and hard on the family but can usually affect kids as they are being forced to leave their schools, friends and family. Chances are there will be tears but these tips may help ease the shock and make the experience more positive.

Tell them at the right time
The more time they have to prepare and think about the move, the easier it will be for them. You don’t want your children hearing this news from a secondary party. Make sure you allow plenty of time for the conversation as they will most likely have alot of questions.

Accurate information
Gather enough information so you can tell your child as much as you can. Have photos to show them, know everything you can about the schools, activities and so on. The more information you have, the less anxious they will feel.

Be prepared to deal with sad or happy emotions and help them work through it, ask them how they feel frequently and reassure them.

Involve them
Create a family wish list for your new home. Your kids may want a game room or want to live near a park. Try not to make any promises but rather let them know their desires are being considered.

Don’t share too much
If your reasons for moving are due to financial hardship and so on. Try not to let your kids know, as too many details about family issues may add to your child’s anxiety.

Get them excited
Older kids could help with online searches for information about houses, schools, nearby parks and more. Ask the kids to pack and label their own boxes, allow them to make decisions about how their new bedrooms will be decorated.

Don’t downplay Goodbyes
Talk to your kids about how they would like to say goodbye to their closest friends. Do they want to have a leaving party? A sleepover? Scrapbook signing? Let them know that you appreciate the impact this move will have on them and you want their goodbyes to be meaningful.

Plan future adventures
Explore your new neighbourhood and city together. Make it a goal to discover at least one fun, interesting thing to do each week.

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