Maybe you can give the Suns a chance next? canada goose store

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canada goose deals 3 points submitted 1 day agoNot the Pelicans anymore I guess. Maybe you can give the Suns a chance next? canada goose store They haven’t made the playoffs in a while. Dallas also needs a boost. Memphis is developping a losing addiction, maybe you can snap them out of cheap canada goose uk it.Joking aside, I seriously didn’t think you guys would get swept. ( Kinda happy because Lakers fan and the Rose Garden is a bitch to play at). But still, I canada goose clearance expected an exciting 6 7 games series. Only series I thought would buy canada goose jacket cheap end in a sweep ( in the west) was maybe Rockets Wolves. What the hell happened? 1 point submitted Canada Goose online 1 day agoDamn you stealthy tricky birds. lol. What is the Pels franchise history though? That shit confuses me. And I really did not know the name change was in 2012 2013. WTF? It’s been that long already?You guys are playing the Warriors next. How screwed are you? Also I’m rooting canada goose for you guys for the upset cause those guys stole Kobe’s career. He got injured in 2012 2013, and suddenly they become a powerhouse. Coincidence? I think not. Plus fuck Durant for not even giving us Canada Goose Parka an interview, and stupid Zaza for injuring Kawhai and Draymond the cunty nut kicker. I haven’t seen much basketball lately, so is Boogie out for theentire playoffs? End the Warriors in the most embarrassing way possible. If I’m being realistic I think Warriors in 5. But if you guys pull another sweep, I’ll be buy canada goose jacket ecstatic.madxspence 1 point submitted 1 day agoBeside valid canada goose coats medical exemptions ( autoimmune diseases, allergic reactions to certain vaccines) I’m all for it. Actually, let’s do canada goose uk shop one better. Give those parents a tag and say they aren’t allowed to use medical services. Headache? Canada Goose Online Too bad, no aspirin. You got an infection? Too bad. What, your body huets? Nah, you don’t need to see a doctor, you’re ” too smart” for them. Canada Goose sale You can die on your own.You know why people from undevelop countries get vaccinated? Because they actually see people die from curable diseases.madxspence 2 points submitted 1 day ago”Trigger Warning for Suns Fans” Do you like the number 5? and also, Robert Horry. What do you think about him?Also, out of genuine curiosity, how the hell are you guys not dead inside? Looking at the Suns history cause I a huge canada goose coats on sale basketball fan in general, they have the most unfortunate luck ever of ” Good” Franchises. Every time they get good enough, it seems like a powerhouse dynasty shows up to Canada Goose Outlet smack them in the face.For us, we canada goose black friday sale lucky and fucking spoiled to that our Franchise has consistent success throughout since it started. It rare. So, our goal has been to always aim for the top and we actually been to that mountain many times. I mean, anyone can get lucky once or twice, but to have established consistency, success, and the owner knowing what the culture is really helps. Plus, LA, Celebrities, Ad deals. I mean, we got to many Legends to choose from that making a top 10 list is hard.On a side note, Fuck Tim Thomas. Damn you.Like another poster said, ESL is fucking amazing ( though it can boring at some times because of different skill levels), however teachers are more patient, canada goose uk outlet people speak slower, you have more time to learn how things work in uk canada goose outlet a language you’re familiar with. I used to have 50VHS tapes ( yes, I’m old) that my parents ESL uk canada goose teacher gave them to canada goose uk black friday help with their English. It was a goldmine.Also, don’t let the kids forget their Mandarin.madxspence 1 point submitted 3 days agoOnly California right? Tell me, what about the Bible belt? That should be an region. Same religion, same views, same type of people. Not diverse at all and that should be 5 6 states. What excuses do you have for them then? Is it a race thing?I too, have also been to Europe. Can you specify what Canada Goose Coats On Sale country and or countries you went to? What cities did you visit? What part of the city did you stay in? The main tourist areas, areas close to universities or a little further out? canada goose factory sale What is part of the culture of canada goose clearance sale each place that you like the most, since you must know that Europe is a big place and cultures vary with each country and eadh region within those countries. If you can’t speak the language, how did you interact with locals? Did you interact with them at all? Did you at least try to be polite and learn a few phrases in their language as a sign of respect Canada Goose Jackets or did you act like Entitled American Asshole tourist? I’m genuinely curious. Also, cheap Canada Goose what state are you from? Since you generalized my state, I’d love to generalize yours.madxspence 9 points submitted 15 days agoHey, you can say on the flipside what if American tourists are stuck in Russia, you could be there to translate and make sure the don’t get put in a Siberian prison and die, used as a hostage and you’d make a wicked good spy. It’s the perfect time to pearn Russian.She’s fucking dumb. Why is she learning a language canadian goose jacket that actively denies the existence of Tibet, kidnapped Journalists from Hong Kong, threatening war with Taiwan, taking advantage of the poor economic situations in Africa and literally steal land from its allies during a war and persecute s certain religious ethnic minority? Is she trying to get in that crowd? How much of a low moral ground does she have?Russian government does suck. However, Russian people are cool and their culture and history is very interesting.

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