One thing the JROTC does is they have students organize their

And wolves will avoid humans at all costs.” an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.Your first, second and third means of deterring an attack should be avoiding the animals in the first place. Proper procedures for the storage of food and other smellables will by and large keep them away, and an airhorn and/or mace will drive them away.Finally, if you come onto a sute and you see/hear/smell the signs of a predator. Why not just leave?Most predators (and animals in general) dont really want to tussle with humans, and will try to leave us alone whenever possible.

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moncler outlet sale Oh man.When we go on weekend trips to Fort Dix/McGuire AFB we go to the PX in our cammies complete with stupid, shiny AFJROTC rank insignia. We also swing by the clothing store and buy shit like knives, web gear, and our own BDUs.I once wrote my own Jody call. I can only remember it was stupid.One thing the JROTC does is they have students organize their own staff sections. moncler outlet sale

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