probably hate the living guts out of Simon Crompton too

the guide to other fashion forums

the good thing with the MFA uniform is it works 99% of the time. the problem is, it works only 99% of the time. what, do you think any self respecting dystopian urban guerilla resistance fighter would infiltrate an evil corporate headquarters wearing clarks desert boots? exactly. wanna make a move on that (actual) vampire chick who been around since 1860s? she scoff at your neat and pressed, contemporary chinos.

one day in the future, (maybe) your call for greatness will come. and when that happens, you don want cheap moncler jackets mens to look like ryan gosling from la la land. heh, try tap dancing when you fighting a T 1000.

this will be your handbook to the moncler sale klout multiverse, where you will swear “these people are seriously stuck moncler womens jackets in the 90s!” and you don mean the 1990s; but the 1890s, where you will see people dressing like a nazgul for literally buying a bottle of orange cheap moncler jackets juice, where you will moncler outlet store meet moncler uk outlet anprims.

but won be afraid, because with some luck and attention, you will soon find home within one of them.

DISCLAIMER: your $1200 acronym jacket won actually give you any edge when fighting a terminator. but at least you look the part.

/r/streetwear: our neighbour, basically. uk moncler sale for those who wants to dress like a soundcloud rapper. they also occasionally veer to designers territory.

/r/frugalmalefashion: are you broke? get in here.

/r/Sneakers: the footwear wing of streetwear subreddit. they don discount moncler jackets usually stray too far from the moncler outlet usual suspects (nike, adidas, vans and friends) into designer footwear, though.

/r/goodyearwelt: the place where viberg and truman boot co claim their fame. if you come to a viberg sample sale, you can bet your bottom dollar that there be /r/gyw subscribers there. most of the members want to be buried in their service boots. talks about dress shoes too sometimes. usually when someone graduated college or when someone getting married. learn from someone else job hunting experience (and marriage ceremony) so you can use the footwear knowledge should the need arises.

/r/NavyBlazer: they really wish they got accepted moncler outlet sale to an ivy league college. but hey, now they there discussing about how to at least look the part.

/r/rawdenim: you could swear their blood has turned indigo moncler outlet prices hue. not the most practical people, as they prefer to fade their own denim through wear and tear instead of buying it pre distressed. they would argue it for authenticity sake, cheap moncler jackets womens but they also refuse to put certain things in some pocket so they get the exact kind of fade they want. think your rogue territory is the bomb? wait till they talk about a japanese denim brand made by a secret cabal of japanese denim industry seniors.

/r/techwearclothing: they the guys who will spring into action (and fail miserably) when an evil corporation is going to overtake the world with zombie/robot experiment. clothes that actually could survive the apocalypse (but they would still take shelter when it rains). their shell jacket can do more thing than your leatherman tool and their patron saint is no other than moncler online store Errolson Hugh himself.

/r/expensivehumanfashion: you DON know the existence of this sub from me.

Styleforum Classic Menswear: Abbreviated moncler sale online as SF CM, in this place everyone wish they italian. huge resource for tailored classic menswear and dress shoe. want to see some obsessed man with 8 pairs of literally the same cheap moncler coats mens kind of shoes explaining the importance of swan neck stitching? this is the place. ironically, for uk moncler outlet a community that really into tailoring, they actually prefer the least tailored clothing. soft shoulder and minimal amount of padding, they say. kinda the equivalence for that effortless, out of the moncler outlet online bed hairstyle that actually took 3 hours to do.

Styleforum Streetwear and Denim: Abbreviated as SF SWD, they not actually all that “streetwear” except if you talking about the street of minas tirith. out there designers are the norm here. but not too out there, you feel me? got some price exclusive threads like the official baller sneakers thread cheap moncler sale that have a minimum $300 msrp requirement (though with the inflation even ETQ amsterdam fits their bill). a fun place to watch someone fall into a deep pit of debt from trying to collect every single colourway best moncler jackets of margiela paint splatter GAT.

Stylezeitgeist: or simply SZ. this is what would SF SWD be if it got hooked on acid and had bad trip. but our bad trip would probably be their good trip, because the founder of the place, Eugene Rabkin, supposedly never smiles. pretty sure they all aspiring to moncler outlet woodbury be the witch king. lots of draped layering and creased boots that would physically hurt you once you saw the pricetag.

London Lounge: it like SF CM with anglocentric preference. if SF CM prefer their jacket to follow the line of their body, they prefer it as stiff as a dick on viagra overdose. it an invite only forum, though. probably because it a front for super secret private owned british spy agency.

Dressed Well: they don really like the styleforum crowd. probably hate the living guts out of Simon Crompton too. but they don get invited to the london lounge (some of the member probably do, though) so they made their own forum. still on the classic menswear side of things, but they really knowledgeable and know their shit as if the studied scatonomy.

Denim Bro: ever imagined if a rawdenim subscriber go all the way? check this place out. literally stuck in the past, and their website looks the part too (i don know if it intentional or not). master on every reproduction clothing. from american dust bowl period to WW2 clothing, they nailed it down perfectly. prepare your proxy, the good stuffs came straight outta moncler usa japan.

Superfuture: abbreviated as sufu. pretty all around, not as wild as SF SWD but not as uniform as MFA. call it elevated, elevated basics. good for those who don want to dress as if they live in the madmen series, blade runner movie or lord of the rings trilogy. most of the members are probably self proclaimed moncler sale outlet celineboys by now.

Kanye to The: KTT, the name claims to be kanye inspered but actually that would go to the streetwear sub. pretty much divided into two factions: the followers of hedi slimane and the acolytes of jerry moncler outlet lorenzo. sits comfortably between sufu and SF SWD. so. elevated, elevated elevated basics? it not so basic anymore once you reached this point, though. they also love ripped knee.

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