share the city concern about the opioid crisis

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high quality replica bags As a result, Fort Lauderdale, the most populated city in the county, has had to “spend vast funds on a wide replica bags and watches range of services to fight the opioid epidemic’s staggering, unanticipated, and far reaching effects,” the lawsuit contends.Lawyers for the city, who declined to comment on the suit, say replica bags vuitton the companies created a public nuisance.share the city concern about the opioid crisis,” a spokesperson for Purdue Pharma said in a statement emailed to New Times. “While Purdue Pharma opioid medicines account for less than 2% of total prescriptions, we will continue to work collaboratively with the city toward bringing meaningful solutions to address this public health challenge. We vigorously deny the replica bags cheap city allegations.”Fort Lauderdale joins about 250 other cities, counties, replica zara bags and states that have filed lawsuits against opioid manufacturers and distributors for igniting the opioid crisis. high quality replica bags

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