The partial government shutdown has lasted 14 days as Trump

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replica bags in china Both ideas are concessions Democrats could potentially get behind, if they trusted Trump.It’s just that trusting Trump to hold up his end of a bargain is a gigantic leap of faith for Democrats.If Trump did back DACA, replica bags china free shipping it replica bags near me would still be a sell to Democrats in Congress. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D Calif.) and other leaders have said that deal is no longer on the table, after Trump rejected it last year. It would take a substantial amount of trust that Trump wouldn’t just change his mind and somehow find a way out of DACA, perhaps by offering a new executive order to override the legislation.And even if Trump stood by the immigration program that allows children brought to the United States illegally to stay and obtain work permits, many Republicans inside and outside of Congress would work to undo the legislation in the future.At the same time, the Democratic position that Trump and Republicans must completely cave and fund the government without any concessions doesn’t seem realistic either.The partial government shutdown has lasted 14 days as Trump continues to insist on the $5 billion he wants to build his long promised border wall. replica bags in china

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