The relationship with the brand becomes so strong that it

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Movements, Events and Years ** ———————- —————
Movement and Year related to the Independence Movement
►-1885 ►-1905 ►-1906 ►-1907 1916 ►-December 1916 ►-20 August 1917 ►-19 March 1919 ►-1919 ►-18 May 1920 ►-December 1920 ►-August 1, 1920 ►-5 February 1922 ►-1 January 1923 ►-October 1924 ►-8 November 1927 ►-February 3 ►-August 1928 ►-October 1928 ►-8 April 1929 December 1929 ►-2 January 1930 ►-12 March 1930 ►-6 April 1930 ►-12 November 1930 ►-8 March 1931 ►-7 September 1931 ►-August 16 1932 ►-Si September 1932 ►-17 November 1932 ►-May 1934 ►-22 December 1939 ►-24 March 1940 ►-8 August 1940 ►-March 1942 ►-August 8, 1942 ►-25 June 1945 ►-February 19, 1946 ►-March 15, 1946 ►-March 24, 1942 Study of follow-up study. Study of follow-up study.

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