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This is because the original study set out to investigate a different question: whether oestrogen therapy could help prevent heart disease and dementia in older women. While the analysis showed HRT was linked with a raised risk of breast cancer, blood clots and strokes, “these were older women, who had already developed some forms of disease anyway”.Now the data has been reanalysed to work out the effect of the hormones on women who “actually want to use hormone therapy for their hot flushes”. These are younger women (usually in their early 50s) who use hormones for a shorter period of time and the conclusions are different.”The reanalysis of the old data suggests the benefits of hormone therapy [for menopause symptoms] outweigh the risks for short term use in healthy women.”Current guidelines say women should take the lowest dose of HRT for the shortest amount of time possible, but can use it for up to five years.

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