They are generally prone to getting fatter around the abdomen

We’ve both had our hat disasters. Pharrell has worn furry deerstalkers, red and white beanies like Christmas baubles and, worst of all, a Louis Vuitton creation that looked like a picnic rug. Let me tell you, wearing a picnic rug on your head is just damn foolish..

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Fake Designer Bags (Or not. I have no idea what heroin feels like.) I needed another fix. The next month, my friend Rob and I drove across the state to Kansas City to see Bruce play at the Kemper Arena. That same year, on February 17, the 18 year old American poet Emily Dickinson wrote to her brother, Austin Dickinson, from her room at the Mount Holyoke Female Seminary that she would not forget the fun she had had during week. Though she herself had not received any valentines and was still longing for one, many of the other girls had. As a group they managed to send out 150 valentines, despite an interdiction by the Holyoke faculty Fake Designer Bags.

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