What rate of interest is being used to illustrate the product?

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best replica designer Ask why the advisor is offering that particular company and product.What rate of interest is being used to illustrate the product? Keep in mind that it will change every year. The advisor can illustrate the product using different interest rates.What types of riders are available/added to this policy?Can you remove riders later on if not needed?What age does the policy illustration last until? If not to age 100, why not as many products run to age 120 these days.What stock index is the illustrated interest rate tied to?Do you have a choice of indexes?How is the money allocated to the stock account indexes?Why is he recommending one index over another?Policy Loans This is very important to understand how policy loans work in the policy as that how you access the money on favorable tax basis in retirement.Commissions usually run 90% 110% of the target for the first year, and 1 2% for every year thereafter.mjschwartz 1 point submitted 4 months agoThanks for the honest and helpful feedback! I know it a common question but I appreciate you all taking the time to respond.My wife and I are in our late twenties with no children yet. Both of us are teachers who collectively bring in probably 100 120K before taxes best replica designer.

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