Also one of the wall with tiles below the glass shower wall is

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5 points submitted 8 days agoThis. I been diagnosed with BPD and I absolutely refuse to inflict my issues on a child. All right, the main reason I don have kids is I just don want them and they fucking annoying, but I also know I be a very, VERY bad mother, the stress of looking after a child would make me much worse, plus they likely end up with BPD as well and I wouldn wish this torment on anyone else.I always cringe when I hear about (untreated) borderline women having kids, tbh.

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Be flexibleBeing flexible with flight timings when flying domestic also helps. For example, if passengers fly on the Delhi Mumbai route on the 6 am flight, they are likely to pay more than a passenger flying at 12 noon or 3 pm. The logic is simple: Travel on the 6 am Delhi Mumbai flight provides a full work day in Mumbai and airlines charge a slight premium for this..

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