canada goose uk outlet Vissaeus is an incredible healer

canada goose clearance Alex Collier my favourite ET contactee is back

canada goose Alex Collier’s interviewWhen I cheap Canada Goose saw the first interview he gave to Rick Keefe in 1994, canada goose so much of what Alex said made sense Canada Goose Parka to me, some of it was as if I already knew this stuff from somewhere canada goose store else, and by that I don’t mean that I had read it. No, there is much more to it than that I felt that Alex was and is giving out the truth and it resonated with my own inner knowledge and intuition.

cheap Canada Goose I am not alone with my opinions about Alex and his material because he has a growing number of people worldwide who find truth in what Canada Goose Online he is saying and are fascinated in finding out the information he is offering.

canadian goose jacket Alex Collier talks about several alien races that appear in the works of other contactees and in the literature of ufology and conspiracy theory it is true cheap canada goose uk but chronologically he was talking about much of this and about the Reptilians long before David Icke and others started publicising their existence as a reality.

canada goose clearance sale Alex canadian goose jacket describes how the Andromedans live. They are humans but they are thousands of years in advance of us and they live far longer than we do. They have eliminated the problems we face from their worlds long ago. They dedicate their lives to learning more and more about the nature of everything and in fact they go to school for the equivalent of 120 canada goose clearance 150 years of time as we know it. They are telepaths and do not use money on Canada Goose online their world. Vissaeus is described as “an elder Andromedan teacher who is very serious, very benevolent. He is considered a sage in his world. canada goose uk outlet Vissaeus is an incredible healer, who is very humble, soft and yet direct.”

canada goose store They explain to Alex about long wars that were fought millions of years ago and how humans came from the Lyraen (Lyran) civilisation and race and came to the the planet Earth. The Reptilians from Alpha Draconis also came here and are here now living underground, just like David Icke says.

canada goose black friday sale Alex says canada goose black friday sale that the Reptilians are carnivores and that they eat humans as well as controlling our world and using us a resource. Like David Icke he claims that missing people and missing children are often sacrificed or given to the Reptilians as food. Whilst some people may find this idea canada goose uk shop alarming, bizarre or unbelievable, Alex, again like Icke, thinks that people should know what is going on and he is one of the first to have gone public with this material.

canada goose coats Other races Alex talks about are from the Pleiades and he speaks in much detail about the Greys, the Sirians, the Vegans, the Nordics, the Orion group and canada goose outlet store many others. Basically there is an ongoing struggle between many alien races and the subject of what is going on and how our planet is involved is now known as “Exo Politics” on which Alex is an expert getting his information directly from the Andromedans, who he sometimes refers to as the “As.”

Canada Goose Jackets Alex explains about how Atlantis was created in 57,000 BC and became a place where many alien races were meeting and interacting. At this stage in Earth’s history he explains that there was a lot of experimentation being done by the alien scientists and genetic manipulation. He says that many plants and animals were actually brought here from other worlds.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Alex’s views are in agreement with much of what is known as conspiracy canada goose coats on sale theory and he points out that canada goose factory sale we are fed lies and controlled by secret forces. Alex does not believe we can expect any help from rescuing gods or friendly alien races but that we have to sort out the nightmare we find the world canada goose clearance sale in ourselves.

buy canada goose jacket In 2002, Alex decided to retire from public speaking. His material was available on the Internet and his interviews were also out there. He has said that if he were offered the job of being a contactee who tries to tell the world about what he has learnt again he would not do it. He is a family man Canada Goose Coats On Sale and values his privacy and life with his wife and children.

canada goose coats on sale However, because of the mess the world is in, and because he is a father, Alex has decided to make a comeback to public speaking and he consented to being interviewed again by Rick Keefe in April 2009. “alex collier” (not his real name) needs professional help, seriously. i honestly feel sorry for him because he clearly has serious emotional and psychological problems. yes, aliens most likely exist in the vastness of space, that’s no revelation, hell even most scientists these days will admit that its incredibly unlikely that were alone in the cosmos. most people don’t even believe him, and for good reason. Seriously, for what purpose would these aliens be contacting “alex collier”? when 99.999% of the world has never heard of him and/or doesn’t believe a word of what he says? USE YOUR DAMN BRAINSSteve Andrews 6 years ago from canada goose coats Lisbon, Portugal

canada goose deals How do lies fit in a world of love? A world of lies is a world of fear because you do not know who can be trusted. OK, if you get the chance you ask Alex why he has been dishonest? I am moving onward from conspiracies and ufology having spent far too long with these subjects.

Canada Goose sale Because that is what LOVE is. What is money? A piece of paper. People are worth so much more than that. Could you imagine a world where people would uplift individuals instead of bring them down? Could you imagine a life of no fear? Uplifting works, we tried the negative to get people to conform to the establishment, that didn’t work. canada goose uk black friday If people buy canada goose jacket feel bad about themselves, how can they reach their goals? They can’t, because Canada Goose Outlet people feel. Anyways, uk canada goose outlet I tend to look at what a person can achieve, ask them why they are being dishonest, and be done with it. Life is so short, LOVE is really the only way we buy canada goose jacket cheap can get through the chaos. I am not Canada Goose sale a “star child” or whatever. I just believe in LOVE and I always have. How is hurting someone helpful to anyone? It makes me feel if uk canada goose people are out to get him because he has truth Canada Goose Jackets in what he says. It doesn’t matter if he uses other peoples words. He needs help. If he is homeless, he shouldn’t be. To hurt someone with words or actions is wrong. I am so sick of the division between people. We are all on this earth together. Uplifting people is what the goal should be, not the other way around.

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