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Disaster Management

Toyin Ilori Consulting on Disaster Management

DISASTER MANAGEMENT A disaster can be defined as an occurrence causing widespread destruction and distress. It is a sudden accident or a natural catastrophe that causes great damage or loss of life. Disasters can be either natural or human-made events and can include pandemics, technological disasters or environmental cataclysms. Disaster types include the following: Earthquakes, Tornadoes,...

Property Using Off-Plan Investment

How to Buy a Cheap Property Using Off-Plan Investment

Rising building material costs, naira depreciation, and a low Return on Investment (ROI) are some of the factors influencing the high cost of a new home in Nigeria. Because of these unfavorable conditions, the real estate market has become expensive and unappealing to most investors. However, the introduction of the off-plan buying strategy has ushered in a low-cost payment option in which developers...

Who Is An Estate Surveyor and Valuer

Who Is An Estate Surveyor and Valuer

An Estate Surveyor and Valuer is a professional in the field of Estate Management which in itself is the supervision and direction of interest in landed properties in order to secure the maximum returns. One of the popular components of professional functions of the estate surveyors and valuers is the valuation of assets- both movable and immovable assets. The Estate Surveyor and Valuer does not just...

Who Is An Estate Surveyor and Valuer

What Do You Think You Need to Know Before Hiring An Estate Surveyor and Valuer?

I will outline just four major things you really need to know before hiring an estate surveyor and valuer and also who we are in TOYIN ILORI CONSULTING ESTATE SURVEYOR AND VALUER. TOYIN ILORI is a professional valuer who is trained beyond the basics of estate management and has acquired multi-disciplinary knowledge about all the major branches of construction in their entirety for the sole purpose of...

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