Frankenmuth Credit Union has received naming

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Frankenmuth Credit Union Event Center A rendering of Frankenmuth Credit Union Event Center signage. Frankenmuth Credit Union has received naming rights to the former Birch Run Expo Center.The 2,500-seat arena will be called Frankenmuth Credit Union Event Center. The financial institution signed a 10-year deal with Comstock Park-based GVB Development Group for the privileges, Apex Marketing Group Inc. President Eric Smallwood said. The company did not disclose the cost of the agreement.Frankenmuth Credit Union’s name and logo will appear on the outside of the building and inside the arena , the news release said. The credit union will also get placement on the venue’s social media, website, event tickets, schedules, media releases and advertisements.”Frankenmuth Credit Union has always nourished a friendly relationship with our neighbors,” CEO Vickie Schmitzer said in a statement. “We have two branches , a school branch and thousands of loyal members in the Birch Run area. So when we heard about the opportunity to procure the naming rights for the Event Center, we knew it would be a testament of our commitment to Birch Run and all the surrounding communities who patron the Center.”Apex represented GVB Development Group in the negotiations and worked directly with the credit union.

Frankenmuth Credit Union gets naming rights to Birch Run Expo Center

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