Friend said that you are trying to patent the art of

We need to WAKE UP THE United SLAVES of AmeriKKKa AND TAKE IT BACK from Jack AbRAMITUPYOURASS! HOMOland SUCKurity is nothing but a covert KKKlub run by KKKultish FAUX POOS at the hands of KKKARL RAVENOUS as a means to blind our eyes from IRAQOFLAMB THE fault oF WHORE W Bu$$$H and Donald RAPESCHILDRENfeld. If we don’t stop the Repuglifeces NOW, then NEOCONVICTS LIKE Prick Insanetorum and his cronie$$$$ from Halli BurtonCummings will gain NEO CON TROLL and then we will be driving automobiles instead of Prius’s.

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