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The state chief minister, Edappadi K. Palaniswami, said police had been forced to act after the protests turned violent, and that nine people had been killed. The state governor put the death toll at 11.The head of the national opposition Congress party, Rahul Gandhi, condemned the use of lethal force, calling it brutal example of state sponsored terrorismResidents of the port city of Thootukudi, located at the tip of the Indian subcontinent, and environmentalists have been demonstrating for more than three months against the copper plant, one of India biggest, alleging that it is a major source of pollution and a risk to fisheries.On Tuesday, a crowd waving black flags stormed the district government headquarters and an apartment block for Vedanta employees, a company official said, declining to be named for fear of being targeted.Protesters set vehicles on fire and threw stones at police, Palaniswami said in a statement.He said police had been forced to act protesters disregarded a curfew, acted against the advice of police and indulged in violence.FOR PROTESTING Gandhi tweeted: gunning down by the police of nine people in.

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