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Your teens need to preserve their reputations. Encourage them to behave in a gracious manner so that they are not seen as being mean. They should keep in mind that they may continue to travel in the same social circles. ☺ Babur and Mughal dynasty ☺

● Who was the founder of the Mughal dynasty – Babur
● When Babar was sitting on the throne of Fargana- 1495 ● Where Fargana is presently located – In Uzbekistan ● Babar How many times did India attack- five times? ● When the first war of Panipat happened- 1526 ● What was fought between the first war of Panipat – Babur and Ibrahim Lodi
● Which book did Babar write his autobiography? – Baburnama
● Anubhav in Persian of Baburnama Who did that- Abdul Rahim Khan-e-Khani
● Who is considered the creator of the verse style ‘Mubaiyan’ – to Babar? ● Who was the most famous ruler of the Mughal dynasty – Akbar
● Khanwa When did the war happen? 1527 ● The war between Khan and Kahin was between- Rana Sanga and Babur. ● When Humayun sat on the throne- 1530 ● When the war of Chausa happened- 1539 ● What was the war between Chausa? – Sher Shah Suri and Humayun. ● Four wars fought by Humayun What is the order of Deborah (1531), Chausa (1539 ● ‘Humayunnama’) – Who was the master of Gulabdhan Begum? Who was the founder of the empire – Sher Shah Suri? ● Who was – Kirat Singh
● What was the land revenue in the time of Sher Shah – 1/3 of the produce

Malik Mohammad Zaisi was contemporary whom – Sher Shah Suri
● Who is popular in the postal system in India? Did- Sher Shah Suri ● ● When will the second war of Panipat Oua-1556 ● The second battle between Panipat and Kiss-ki was between- between Akbar and Hemu.

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