Midnight Mass was the start of the Cura direction

We’re Keys N Krates

moncler jackets outlet https://www.moncleronlineoutlet.com online Posts involving self advertising whether it be outside groups or your own shop will be removed. This includes moncler uk outlet blogs, e shops, playlists, and other works created and posted by yourself. Thanks, Appreciate it. We love Krane, not only a great producer, but cheap moncler jackets also a great person. Shout out Krane. Midnight Mass was the start of the Cura direction, we were uk moncler sale starting to cheap moncler coats mens Experiment. We love the Cura sound, it just us being us. And more organic than previous releases. We discount moncler jackets really just messed around for moncler jacket a year made an album. Something weve always wanted to do. moncler jackets outlet online

moncler jackets on sale As for live. Glitter is special I think (Tune). I love jamming the intro with Matisse on the Keytar. It what we used to do prior to us being Keys N Krates. The festivals are great for introducing cheap moncler jackets mens the KNK sound to people who may not have caught a uk moncler outlet show or heard our music, so we winning new potential fans over. Thats always exciting to hear that someone discovered us a so and so festival. Small moncler outlet woodbury clubs bring us back to our roots of when moncler womens jackets we started and you able to feed moncler outlet online off the crowd more, moncler outlet prices you feel more connected. Also, shows like Higher ground tend to be your core fans that know your music and are just there to enjoy it with you.1.) We wanted to make music that moncler outlet store we all feel personally more which naturally comes from a more soul, hip hop and RnB reference point cause that the cheap moncler jackets womens music we grew up on. And yes it moncler outlet sale a softer more musical direction. That was definitely the goal. moncler jackets on sale

Moncler Factory Outlet 2.) We definitely struggle to find that balance but that actually not the reason the album is a mini album. We thought we could make a concise statement. We actually made a ton of shit that didn make moncler online store the album cause we wanted it to be concise and strong. We cheap moncler sale feel you tho. Ever since we played bumbershoot a bunch a years back, its held a special place for us, moncler sale online and you guys always show the love! A particular song may be tough though. I can say, music to my ears was particularly speacial from Cura Album. It was the first beat we made with the Cura sound and we tried it in many sessions and we couldnt get the right vocal. We usually go in like that and really focus on the show, moncler sale and not try and moncler usa make music half the day, then switch brains and work on live. It takes a lot of time to put these sounds on our instruments and then figure out who is going to play what part, then practice until best moncler jackets it becomes muscle memory. People dont see this part, and it probably why more people dont do it. It a lot moncler outlet of work. Matisse doesnt do anything crazy to prep for a show, no finger excercises or anything. Unless theres a moncler sale outlet new song in the set, then hell go over the part to get muscle memory going Moncler Factory Outlet.

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