Space plumbing has to use different techniques to control the

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To boldly go where no one has gone beforeEvery day as you ‘go to the loo’ do you ever consider what life would be like without gravity? We all accept that ‘things’ are going to go where they should go, but what if you were going to the toilet on the International Space Station?

A Space Loo or Space Toilet is a highly sophisticated Canada Goose Online piece buy canada goose jacket cheap of plumbing which is designed for use in weightless environments. Space plumbing has to use different techniques to control the flow of liquid and solid waste with the use of air flow, the Space Bog is able to collect and retain the waste and canada goose uk shop direct canada goose uk black friday the water into space, while compressing and storing any solids. Any air used is recycled, therefore a filtering system is used to ensure there is no odor, and no bacteria can escape into the living spaces.

How do toilets work in space? When Nasa scientists began to think about space flight I wonder if they had canadian goose jacket a sub committee dedicated to the subject ‘How to go to the bathroom in space’. Standard plumbing simply would not work in space due to the lack of gravity, therefore scientists canada goose store had to develop a method that was sanitary, didn’t take up too much space and also was highly efficient and robust.

canada goose clearance A simple toilet in space is made up of four basic parts:

Canada Goose online Liquid vacuum tube this is a short 3 foot rubber or plastic hose that attaches to the vacuum chamber. With the help of fans and airflow it provides suction. The tube is connected to a detachable urine container with different ones for males and females. This can be particularly hazardous for a man as he has to urinate directly into the funnel and be careful not uk canada goose to get sucked into the funnel! I wonder if that is in the space flight manual!

Vacuum chamber this is a cylinder that is approximately 1 foot deep and 6 inches wide. It has clips on the rim which allow the waste collection bags to be collected. A fan provides additional suction.

Canada Goose Jackets Waste storage uk canada goose outlet drawers these are for storing the waste urine is pumped into them.

Solid Waste collection bags these detachable Canada Goose online bags pull the waste in by the use of canada goose coats a canada goose coats on sale fan and suction. The bags are detachable and are placed in the waste storage drawers.

canadian goose jacket What happens when toilets in space go wrong? It may seem funny, but having a clog in space is at the very least a very uncomfortable Canada Goose Jackets thing, but with the potential cheap canada goose uk for bacteria and poor hygeine, a toilet disaster can be very dangerous,

Canada Goose Parka Surprisingly canada goose there has been a major problem with one of the toilets on the international space station. One of the pumps that separate the liquids failed on May 21, 2008 and the astronauts were forced to use a manual mode for urination while they attempted to fix the appliance.

canada goose store Other canada goose factory sale things to consider about toilet functions in space: Just canada goose clearance some food for thought as you flush your next toilet:

canada goose deals When an astronaut passes wind in space does it make a cheap Canada Goose sound? Sound travels by making canada goose uk outlet molecules vibrate so the passing of wind is unlikely to make a sound that will travel far, it will only travel as far as there are molecules to travel in the sound will therefore be localised and not travel canada goose clearance sale across a vacumme therefore it’s unlikely that anyone else would hear it!

buy canada goose jacket The process of being seated in acceleration couches before liftoff enhances the flow of blood to the kidneys creating an intense urge to urinate astronauts can stay in this position for hours thus during lift off astronauts will wear a MAG.

Toilets on space ships often have restraining mechanisms as the process of passing wind can actually move an astronaut around in low gravity canada goose black friday environment go look up Newton’s laws!

canada goose black friday sale NASA has a training room where astronauts can practice going to the bathroom in space. Wonder if they get a nice certificate on bog roll paper at the end of the course?

Conclusion We all take modern plumbing for granted, and when we have problems we simply Canada Goose sale call a plumber, fix things ourselves or in extreme cases go to the neighbor’s house! Consider what must go through an astronauts mind when he is ready to go to the bathroom. Not only is the process time consuming, uncomfortable and potentially dangerous, there Canada Goose Parka is also the added stress of losing the facilities there are no plumbers in space yet, so a toilet malfunction is potentially a very distressing Canada Goose Outlet and worrying incident for astronauts.

Canada Goose sale technorican 6 years buy canada goose jacket ago from Houston

canada goose coats on sale Excellent job! I was got a behind the scenes tour of the toilet training process. Cameras involved. Yeah, not your pristine astronaut image.

canada goose Martin Allan 6 years ago from Sunny Scotland

buy canada goose jacket cheap Well I never thought I’d be reading about THIS on Hub Pages. I’ve always been interested in spaceflight but this is one angle of it I’d never even thought about before.

Great stuff!

canada goose coats VENZKHVAM 6 years ago from Canada Goose Coats On Sale Milk way galaxy, trying to find a more adventurous place in another galaxy with my great followers

lot of research done on the hilarious topic but truth also., thanks for the information. i read that some 10 years earlier. but you had put it good.

Canada Goose Outlet India Arnold 6 years ago from Northern, California

This hub makes me truly thrilled to remain here on gravity rich earth! I’m guessing a plumbing problem in space would have much more priority than anything we encounter on earth. Really intersting read SimeyC! Voted up, interesting and and a little funny. 😉

Robin Edmondson 6 years ago from San Francisco

Wow, this makes all of our plumbing and bathroom issues seem like nothing! I have always wondered how astronauts went to the bathroom in space.

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