The purpose of the shell design is to reduce capacity loss

So, in Carlsbad, Calif., is like a six year old’s dream come true. At the heart of the theme park is Miniland, a reproduction of seven areas of the United States constructed with the help of 20 million pieces of Lego. More than 2,000 miniature figures crowd the racetrack at the tiny Daytona Speedway, where the winning Lego driver gets sprayed from a Lego Champagne bottle. Michelle Duron, Lisa Zahner, Gloria Pratte and Kathleen Hogan car a MUNI Streetcar as they pretend to run over other runners along Howard Street during the 88th annual Bay to Breakers. The group says they made the Streetcars because they want just want to get to work on time instead of the cars constantly breaking down. Guess things haven’t changed much in the past decade plus when it comes to the city’s transportation woes.

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