These windings share a common magnetic core

Albertus Magnus, in the 13th century, documented the ability of nitric acid to separate gold and silver by dissolving the silver. Magnus noted that the resulting solution of silver nitrate could blacken skin.[9]Silver nitrate can be prepared by reacting silver, such as a silver bullion or silver foil, with nitric acid, resulting in silver nitrate, water, and oxides of nitrogen. Reaction byproducts depend upon the concentration of nitric acid used.3 Ag + 4 HNO3 (cold and diluted) Wholesale Replica Handbags 3 AgNO3 + 2 H2O + NOAg + 2 HNO3 (hot and concentrated) AgNO3 + H2O + NO2This is performed under a fume hood because of toxic nitrogen oxide(s) evolved during the reaction.[10]A typical reaction with silver nitrate is to suspend a rod of copper in a solution of silver nitrate and leave it for a few hours.

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