They placed their fins closer to their bodies and raised their

You can see major flooding here in progre the water everal feet deep out ahead of us. Reporter: Rts of mudslides, drivers makinr way through ers high water. To prepare all but over. And it isn Final Fantasy I am referring to here, more ALL of gaming in general.Most of your standard terms you hear in videos game communities come from REALLY old games at this point, the big grandy daddy of course being Dungeon and Dragons. (Healers is a phrase that basically originated there).That said games like Ultima Online is where most of your MMORPG game terms game from, like Tank, DPS, AoE, etc, come from. It was just short hand terms for information people would use to write on message boards.If you want an example of board tactic games with a bit of an anime kick, look up a game called Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.

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