Thousands of small general and merchandise stores were to be

Space space tilt is measured by angles, and calculated with trig functions. Space time tilt is measured by rapidity, and calculated with hyperbolic functions.)In flat spacetime, the future light cone of an event is the boundary of its causal future and its past light cone is the boundary of its causal past.In a curved spacetime, assuming spacetime is globally hyperbolic, it is still true that the future light cone of an event includes the boundary of its causal future (and similarly for the past). However gravitational lensing can cause part of the light cone to fold in on itself, in such a way that part of the cone is strictly inside the causal future (or past), and not on the boundary.Light cones also cannot all be tilted so that they are ‘parallel’; this reflects the fact that the spacetime is curved and is essentially different from Minkowski space.

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