Weekdays, there’s an all you can eat buffet featuring a steam

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buy replica bags The large platters at this North Portland stand out from other Ethiopian spots for their sheer generosity regular combo plates ($13 $14.50) could easily serve two, while family style combinations ($26 $38.50) have so much food you can feed five or six and still head home with zeal replica bags leftovers. While the menu features a similar lineup of tibs and wot dishes found at most Ethiopian restaurants, the preparations set this kitchen apart: Stews aren’t overcooked and soupy, the injera has the distinct tang of a well fermented dough starter, and spices are used to show nuanced flavors, not just heat. Weekdays, there’s an all you can eat buffet featuring a steam table with a half dozen dishes for $9, though if you want your foods spicier or made to order, you’ll want to stick to the regular menu.. buy replica bags

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